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If Matisse or Picasso had grown up surfing, golfing and living in Southern California, they may likely have turned out like Robb Havassy.

For the past decade California artist Robb Havassy has been one of the leading creative voices within the surf culture, having created art and collaborated with many of the surf industry’s biggest brands, most prominent collectors and most impactive environmental and socially conscious non-profit organizations. In addition to HAVASSY's own art-based, signature apparel, the Southern California native's list of collaborations with the major brands in the surf-skate community include work with REEF, OP, HURLEY, GLOBE, Sector 9, HOWE Jeans, Robert August, Surfrider Foundation, SIMA and SURFTECH. The addition of HAVASSY footwear in 2009, an "eco-friendly", signature sandal line, is just another step toward a more socially and environmentally forward lifestyle brand, continually overlapping life with art and art with life.

Havassy Shaping

2001 Artist Profile
Modeling for Ralph Lauren 1995,
a few months before receiving art kit

Painting at Nine Star---Live Art, LA 2004 9Star
Robb painting at Newport Studio 2000

First HAVASSY collection on the runway in CHINA. April 2011

Painting CR Mural 2004
Santa Ana Mural with owner Mario(free tacos for life)
Robert August and Robb. Tamarindo,
Costa Rica. Witch's Rock Mural, 1999

Most recently the 2011 debut of Havassy's full men's and women's signature collection has taken center stage and awaits a 2012 Spring retail release along with the eagerly anticipated sequel to his "SURF STORY Vol.1 book. "SURF STORY", an incomparable, 440 page collection of surf art and surf stories by almost 100 of iconic artists, writers and surfers is only part 1 of a multi volume series. "SURF STORY Vol. 2" will included over 100 additional artists, icons and creators from the culture. SURF STORY the books are only one part of a multi-media, grass-roots movement of creative and iconic surfers. The SURF STORY PROJECT ( and SURF STORY PROJECT on Facebook) as a whole includes art installations, exhibitions, video documentaries and live public artist’s studios featuring 200 or so of the greatest creators from the global surf culture. SURF STORY PROJECT which was conceived, created and produced by Havassy, has quickly emerged as the largest surf-inspired creative movement in history.

Next Magazine Cover & story, 2001



A onetime international fashion model for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Christian Dior and Armani, Havassy, truly began his artistic life in 1996 at 26 years of age, after receiving a beginner’s art kit as a gift.  After graduating with a degree in Psychology from UC Irvine in 1993, art was the last thing on his mind. Until that point, Havassy’s artistic expressions had been limited to taking photographs during his world travels as well as painting his surfboards, though he was deeply inspired by the world renown designers, photographers and artists he worked with and befriended.

In Indo with painted board

First Havassy Collection. spring 2012


Barreled at HT's in Indo


Robb painting NY Kiss board

RH test driving his "artist model"
5' 8" at home in Newport Beach

As of 2011, fifteen years and more than 2000 paintings and drawings, the success that followed Havassy’s first small scale works has been manifold, garnering him both national and international acclaim. His brilliant use of color as well as his eclectic mix of style, motion and inspirational subject matter has  created numerous avenues to pursue his creativity. Havassy’s art has grown to include not only traditional paintings, but sculpture, fashion design, photography, film, apparel, surfboard design, as well as furniture and architectural design.  In addition to being one of the surf culture’s most celebrated and collected artists, it is his refreshingly original depictions of women, landscapes, flowers, children and animals, that have garnered him the most attention.  Sports portraits are also something Havassy is known for and include epic likenesses of Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, to name a few.  Havassy’s work was featured as the official cover art for the 2005 AT&T Pebble Pro-Am, one of PGA golf’s most popular events and one known to have featured some of the world’s most prominent sports artists.

RH and Daughter Marin, Fall 2010

Havassy with Vol.1 of the legendary

Setting up for the Evolution Art show

Having a passion to make a positive difference in the world, Havassy has balanced his commercial success with a devotion to social and environmental concerns. Over the past decade and as of 2010 Havassy has helped raise more than $200,000 in philanthropic contributions with his continuing support of and collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay, Surf Aid International, numerous wildlife preservation groups as well as dozens of other domestic and international non-profit organizations.  For more info:, Havassy Art on Facebook and SURF STORY PROJECT on Facebook.

Surfing while CA burns

Havassy Eco/Art sandal line

RH hand painted surfboards

Robb Havassy on the release of his HAVASSY Signature apparel collection for Spring 2012: "My new collection, like my art, reflects the warmth, passion and freedom of the California lifestyle. I'm inspired by the ocean, surf, people and beauty that surrounds me when I'm home painting and enjoying my time with family and friends or traveling the globe gathering inspiration. This entire collection is built for those like me who are inspired by art, an active lifestyle and whose lives reflect and awareness and sensitivity to socially and environmentally relevant issues. I like to say that my HAVASSY brand is an intersection of art and lifestyle."

Next on the agenda is the opening of a flagship HAVASSY store in Orange County as well the first international HAVASSY store in CHINA. Additionally, the launch of Havassy's signature sangria, SOLGRIA, to go along with a boutique wine collection is expected late 2011/early 2012.(MORE UPDATES SOON.)


Havassy featured in OC mag, 2009



Robb and Kai Surfing in Costa Rica,
Mural Trip 2004
Robb and Tre before OC exhibition, 2003 Teeing it up, CR
Mural trip 2004
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