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Milano, Italy 1995 KRIZIA UOMO Runway show (Summer before I started painting
..."Thought this would be good for a laugh...sure as hell cracks me up . Before I started painting, this is what paid the bills and helped keep me from being a "starving artist" ...It's funny because very few people knew what I did and I liked it that way...I used to make up shit all the time about what I did for a living...Now I'm so stoked to tell people what I do...It says a hell of allot more about me as an individual and I can look back and make fun of myself...Honestly though, the travel and inspiring people I met along the way totally fueled my passion as an artist...I always say, "everything happens for a reason."

Ralph Lauren AD Campaign..September 95...Photographed by Bruce Weber for Ralph Lauren...This was the last campaign I did with Bruce and Ralph LAuren before I was given THE art kit (that changed my life) in January after returning from Paris...Two months later I did my first painting as a birthday gift and thankyou for Bruce. I wanted to do something really nice and personal for him after his years of support as well as booking me on a Polo Sport campaign that shot in LA . It just happen to coincide with his March Birthday so it was fate I think . ...They put me up at the Chataeu Marmont Hotel On Sunset where Belushi Died. I had this killer room overlooking the whole city...I ended up doing that first painting in that room the 1st night of the shoot after partying at Bar Marmont earlier that night. Good stuff and a great memory. The painting was a bitchin little watercolor of a surfer crouched on the nose with the lip breaking on his head...Bruce always had a real love of the surf lifestyle.

"Five Under the Curl" ...painted March 1996 at the Chateau Marmont, Hollywood California. Gift for Bruce Weber.
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